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Unfortunately, one of our roomies for Azkatraz had to cancel (fortunately, it was for a good reason: congrats on the promotion, laiksmarei!). So, now somigliana and I have a double double at the Mark Twain the night of the 16th and a double double at the Parc from the 17th-21st. We'd like to find at least one other compatible person to share the rooms with us. I tried responding to some posts on the HPEF forum, but one person isn't going to make it either, and the other hasn't replied yet (well, that and I don't even know if she knows I PMed her, since my replies to her post haven't posted yet either).
So, if you're interested, hit us up and maybe we can work something out! :)

(Crossposted liek woah)

Death Eaters Answer Your Marks!

As Azkatraz approaches, I know we are excited as this con has a Death Eater theme.

So by now you should have your cloak, wand, and mask ready for the port key.

It appears I will be a Death Eater in some form or another all through con, except Monday.

Death Eaters make their splash appearance at the Welcoming Feast and the Ball. 

The welcoming feast is a LUNCH on Saturday.  Take note of this, in past cons this was a dinner.

Saturday –July 18th    12pm- Welcome Feast

The Ball is Sunday at 9PM.

Now, you can Death Eater all you want anytime during the con.  But we usually show up enmasse at the welcoming feast.

I've never been able to get DEs to go to the leaving feast, but I suspect that's becasue y'all are hungover.

For Saturday, I will either be a "generic Death Eater" with Snape like looks, but no makeup, or I will be Bellatrix.  That's because if I get my act together,  we may have a Dark Lord.  

For the Ball, you will see Snape, as always.

So learn your hexes and unforgivables.  Azkatraz is next week!

If you are going to WROCK, you will have the Death Eater without me, I am not going to that.

DE 2nd Class


A small group of writers has approached me to set up a community for a story they have decided to write together.

It is the story of two mature witches who decide to kick over the traces.

It can be found here: awwol

The first steps have already been taken. Please go and watch the community and lend them your support.

DE costumes done

Fellow Death Eaters-

The basic  DE costumes are 100% completed.   DH's and my DE masks are cleaned, repaired and adjusted.   We have cloaks, gloves, and wands!

The masks we have this year are Dixiebell12 creations. 

Still no news on Our Lord at the moment. 

As is tradition, it's expected that death eaters show up at the welcoming feast.

If you are dressed as a death eater, try to find another one to hang out with, because DEs are more impressive as a group!

Review your jinxes as hexes.

24 hour cloak sale

Put Down The Chocolate Bunnies!

Now head over to the cloak company for some Death Eater shopping. They have a 24 hour sale going on.


Don't just look at the sale items, he also has a few very nice corsets and costumes.  *eyes leather corset for 20 bucks, damn it just went up a couple of dollars*  Hexes that bidder!

This service announcement has been brought to you by Death Eater Dixie, you may now resume eating your chocolate. Thank You.


Just a note to let you know Amy is scouting out downtown hotels as an alternative to the Parc.  But we don't know anything yet.

ALSO- Now Pay Attention Here

Death Eaters have a basic costume, and it is the EASIEST costume to wear and cobble together.

Death Eaters are required to have the following:

A wand
A black cloak, hooded is better
A mask
A dark mark (left forarm!!!)
dark shoes

Death Eater add ons to the costume are:

dark wizard or witch costume under the cloak
shoes are boots or goth
props if you go as a specific character Death Eater like Bellatrix, or Macnair
contact lenses
azkaban prison uniform ;)

The point of this is many of these items are going to be plentiful due to Halloween.   Sales are starting now, and it is a great time to get props and cloaks and masks.  Don't procrastinate until two weeks before con.  You would be suprised at the prisoner/vampire/evil overlord costumes that can double for Death Eater garb.  Props available at Halloween are cauldrons, snakes, spiders, bones, body parts, rats, weaponry, witchy brooms.

Word of warning.  Most pre packaged Halloween makeup is waxy JUNK.  You can spend the same amount of money and buy the good stuff (Mehron, Bill Nye), it's not any more expensive and cheaper than drugstore makeup cost wise.  Halowwen time is also a great time to get "colored hair spray" and wigs.   But wigs at Halloween can be cheap and cheezy looking, know your product before you buy.

Addendum: See Sabrebabe's warnings on shoes and masks.

Hotel data

I just lifted this off  an Lj post....

Azkatraz will be in the San Francisco Parc55 hotel.

Parking Rates are $44 + 14% tax per night for a regular size car.

Its $169 a night but they have a large quanity of rooms with king beds, so doubles will go fast. 

They also note that it's the same price for a room with 2 people as it is for 4 people. BE SURE to select that you have 4 people in your room, as the hotel has ALOT of 1 king bed rooms, and you don't want to be stuck with one of those.

Also, other cons were held there and left this hotel for a reason  I am monitoring the Lj to see what those issues are.

At this point, we may need to enlist a local and see if there are alternative hotels nearby ala what we  did for Phoenix Rising. 


Welcome Death Eaters!!

Its time to get organized for the next con.

Sign in and introduce yourselves here.